The Conceria Belvedere S.r.l. is specialized in the very first stages of the tanning production on behalf of the third party.

Our working method which is the strength of the tannery is the total customisation of the tanning techniques. Together with the customer and with the help of experts, we work out the best solution to achieve the required result for every item.

The Conceria Belvedere offers to its customers:




Chrome tannig in splittered pelt
Chrome tannig in full tickness
Aldehyde tanning in splittered pelt
Fleshing and Splitting-pelt
Soaking, pressing, splitting shaving of wet blues
Pressing full and side leather
Measurement of wet blues and pallets fitting out for trucks or containers
Raw material and wet blue storage in safe and proper spaces



We are widening our competence and therefore we are going to provide some innovative on line services, as the checking for room availability, the tracking in the processing of a specific order and the customisation of the tanning methods.














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